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Increased Workforce Productivity

Our solutions can help users to locate and view information faster and use applications relevant to their roles and responsibilities. With the help of a web browser interface, users can access data held in any database the organization wants to make available, anytime and — subject to security provisions — from anywhere within the company workstations, increasing employees' ability to perform their jobs faster, more accurately, and with confidence that they have the right information. It also helps to improve the services provided to the users.

Time Management

Our Network solutions allow organizations to distribute information to employees on an as-needed basis; Employees may link to relevant information at their convenience, rather than being distracted indiscriminately by email.

Campus Communication

Our Network solution can serve as powerful tools for communication within an organization, vertically strategic initiatives that have a global reach throughout the organization. The type of information that can easily be conveyed is the purpose of the initiative and what the initiative is aiming to achieve, who is driving the initiative, results achieved to date, and who to speak to for more information. By providing this information on the intranet, staff has the opportunity to keep up-to-date with the strategic focus of the organization

Secure Company Web Access

Our Network solution allows cumbersome corporate knowledge to be maintained and easily accessed throughout the company using hypermedia and Web technologies. Examples include: employee manuals, benefits documents, company policies, business standards, news feeds, and even training, can be accessed using common Internet standards (Acrobat files, Flash files, CGI applications). Because each business unit can update the online copy of a document, the most recent version is usually available to employees using the intranet

Business Operations and Management

Our Network solution can be implemented for developing and deploying applications to support business operations and decisions across the internetworked enterprise.

Maximize-cost Effectiveness

Users can view information and data via web-browser rather than maintaining physical documents such as procedure manuals, internal phone list and requisition forms. This can potentially save the business money on printing, duplicating documents, and the environment as well as document maintenance overhead.

Enhance Collaboration

Information is easily accessible by all authorized users, which enables teamwork.


Many companies deal with security by the purchasing of layers of security devices aimed at preventing spam, malware, and virus’ that compromise sensitive data within the enterprise. What is proposed is an all optic “before the building” solution which would isolate communications between enterprise campus’ for data, voice, and video streaming without the use of the internet. This would mean the transportation of video, voice, and data without the dependency of piggy backing these types of streams on protocols, such as Ethernet. Therefore, there would be no need to expose an enterprise’s data to the outside world but still be able to communicate within the enterprise to all concerned. Internet can be provided as a separate stream to accommodate such things as searches and email and the sharing of documents with the outside world as needed.

Data Transmission Rate

Speed of doing business has always been a constant battle with the enterprise as with each bump in speed, there is an associated cost. With traditional copper connections, there is a limit as to how much one can grow before moving to another platform, such as fiber optics. Fiber optics has greater capacity than copper and over all reduced cost and so the network concerns of reaching capacity of the current network systems will be eliminated.

Point to Point Connectivity

When discussing speeds at which business is done, everyone within a given enterprise share what is provided. As an example, if an enterprise has a 50 MB connection, that connection is shared among all the employees so the speed at which each person operates is not the 50 MB but a portion of it. We would be able to deliver megabytes to gigabyte synchronous speeds to individuals or networks that require the bandwidth, or can be shared to others by providing the speed to traditional switching mechanisms used by the enterprise.

Backup and Recovery

Backup and disaster recovery has always been a challenge for many enterprises. In the current scenarios, when considering data consisting of 100 GB or more to be backed up, the solutions must be copied to disk and sent to vendors to copy to their servers and then the changes can be backed up thereafter. This is because of bandwidth restrictions as far as speed is concerned. Internal systems are dependent on direct connections [to where the source of the files are], as well as careful configurations so other uses do not interfere with the transfer. In order to prevent user interference, this is often done during off hours. Again, if the data volume is very high, then it would be a two step process for the initial copy first and then backing up changes.We propose a point to point optic solution that will backup at speeds that the receiving equipment can handle, thus eliminating the need to adjust speeds as backup equipment is upgraded.

Variety of Enterprise Network Solutions

Many enterprises are behind in technologies because of the costs involved. Software defined networking and Software defined wide area networking (SDN and SDW) have not taken off as originally thought because the edge cost and the core cost make that rather prohibitive as the initial cost to replace is enormous. We would redefine those terms as ODN and ODW as optics defined networking and optics defined wide area networking. In essence we would replace edge devices with a single optics device that would direct communications to designated paths as predefined prior to installation to core fabrics already in place. This would mean not only a cost savings to the edge, but put costs in the core in perspective. No longer would the core need to be upgraded to communicate with the edge upgrades.

FTTH/FTTP Solution

Homes are subject to the same headaches as enterprises as they share bandwidth with family members and must deal with equipment upgrades as plans increase in speed, which is something that not all users are aware of. Our devices and solutions, again, would be able to provide full bandwidth to each family member as required. Once the optic equipment is in place, there would be little need to change or upgrade with each increase in speed as can be afforded.

Customer Solution Based Approach

There have always been difficulties with finding solutions to fit what the enterprise does with solutions that mainstream vendors bring to the table. IT departments are relegated to going with their gut or researching all of the solutions just to find the one that comes closest to what they need done. The other issue is inter-compatibility with equipment that already exists that one may not be ready to replace. The optics systems we have would connect to anything that supports megabytes to gigabyte connectivity and, therefore; no need to deal with compatibility issues.





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