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Managed Optical-Ethernet Delivery for LAN Networks

Our Covalent multi-service module enables multiple delivery capabilities and not just limited to gigabit Ethernet and T1 links in a managed LAN and campus fiber network. Our Covalent unit is designed to maximize delivery application to corresponding Covalent unit within the network architecture

Our Covalent multi-service module enables the delivery of gigabit Ethernet in a managed campus fiber network. The Covalent units provide unique variable point to point link architecture.

Covalent units support connectivity to standard 10/100/1000 GB switch(s). Typically Covalent units are linked together by the optical fiber cable which provides the network interface connectivity. The Covalent Connect supports, Routing, VLAN configurations and Quality of Service for voice/video/data over Ethernet.

The Covalent network management system provides comprehensive trouble-shooting, performance monitoring and remote hardware configuration of the network. The Covalent network improves network security by providing unique frequency IP management and segregated channel selection of the network, with segregated channel or frequency IP address the network link has capability of managing multiple segregated channel addresses within the network.



Managed Optical-Ethernet Delivery for Multi-Service WAN

The Covalent Units provide multiple delivery capabilities with our unique point to point, multi point to point, and multi point to multi point link architecture for WAN applications and services.

The Covalent Multi-Service Platform consists of X-Gigabyte switches, Covalent Service Provider Unit, and the Covalent-N Units.

The Covalent Multi-Fiber Network can be applied to a Campus WAN or a Utility WAN that is deploying Ethernet, Wireless, Coax and T1 connectivity.

The Ethernet data is delivered throughout the wide network, and segregated by department with the Covalent Service Provider Unit.

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The Covalent Service Provider Unit delivers multiple forms of data through the employment of multiple data channels (our WDM wavelength configuration) over a single or dual fiber strand that runs the length of the Networks fiber-optic topography. Circuits from a Service Provider are connected to the Covalent Service Management Unit, and the Ethernet switch provides connectivity to end users of different departments of the Ethernet network.


The Covalent Service Management Unit provides deliverability of multiple data channels on separate frequencies onto the fiber cable (the common fiber line) connecting the corresponding end user Covalent-N unit. Covalent-N units are used to drop off one channel(s) of Ethernet to the end user switch. The Covalent-N contains our Add+Drop Multiplexer (typically defined as a OADM) which selects the corresponding wavelengths of the network traversing the common fiber line while allowing the non-related packet data to be delivered to the corresponding Covalent-N Unit and network switch.

The Covalent-N has the ability to operate as direct line deliverability (single fiber connected to each unit creating the connection topography) or can be designed to deliver bi-directional Channel ports simultaneously; this enables the corresponding optical traffic to be managed at each building using the general port configuration of the Covalent-N. The delivery architecture enables us to assign Ethernet channels to specific frequencies which are delivered and managed at each building. This multi-frequency channel capability provides the covalent-N unit of managing multiple frequency selection for each channel port configuration in the network.

The Covalent Service Management Unit enables management of the entire network of Covalent Systems equipment using the management software application. The Covalent-N (1U high) units consist of a fiber transport module and multi-port connections (2 to 16 channels are typically used in this fiber transport module).

The Covalent network systems incorporate a unique intelligent design that requires very limited management software while supporting advanced features, including VLAN, Quality of Service, multiple channel configurations and bandwidth control.

This Wide Area Network application the Covalent Multi-Service platform enables new services over an existing network infrastructure without installing new fiber or upgrading legacy network equipment. The Covalent management system reduces operating costs and improves network reliability with remote configuration, greater security, and performance monitoring and fault management tools.



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