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Today more and more multitenant building owners are aware that the quality of broadband service accessibility is going to be a key deciding factor for tenants. Previously building owners were able to have exclusive Internet service agreements for the entire building, but that changed since the FCC now banned exclusive contracts for Internet service and telephone service providers. Tevetron now provides a Connectivity Solution for Building Owners

This FCC rule has essentially limited the availability for an additional revenue stream from building owners. Internet service providers are now allowed to bring separate connectivity for each tenant, leaving behind cables that clog up buildings and the ensuing confusion as to which provider is connected to which tenant as tenants leave, are evicted, or decide to change providers. This makes it difficult to for building owners to make heads or tails of the wiring within the building or gain any sensible control of their own building.

Tevetron returns control back to the building owners

Tevetron provides an Optical Network Solution for building owners which gives the building owner the capability of running multiple ISPs providing choice for the individual tenants. This in turn provides leverage to the building owner over Internet service providers returning control back to the building owner.

• Internet Access
• Triple Play Access
• Additional Revenue Stream
• No Long Term Contract Connectivity
• Open Use ISP Delivery
• Affordability

In addition Tevetron’s Covalent Connect multiple ISP connectivity gives the landlord a competitive edge over other property owners without this capability.

Building Owner Benefits

• Open Use design: Copper, COAX, Wireless, and Fiber compatible
• Open Use technology: Non exclusive network design
• Handle multiple ISP services
• Robust selection gives Landlord a competitive edge with tenants
• Fee access for broadband ISP for wire access of network
• Share of revenue or a flat monthly fee. Fees can range from a few hundred to a few thousand dollars a month
• More choices allow Landlords to bargain with carriers
• Fees keep fly-by-night operators from filling buildings with dead cable
• Monthly fee for the building connectivity (similar to standard modem fee)
• Maximized performance and reliability
• Control over the updating and security of network
• Configuration of network and requirements for tenants
• Provide for security, or reliability eliminates hours of valuable time and stress fighting with service provider.
• "Future proof" network, upgradable with minimum cost
• Internet design per Unit
• Triple play design per Unit
• Wireless capability per Unit
• Tevetron provides 1 to 1000 Mbps Internet Deliverability Backbone

Previously it was rather straightforward to provide Internet service to a building. The building owner would simply request a quote from each Internet service provider and then choose the best price for the building. This cost would simply be included in the rent. With the advent of the new FCC rule this model is no longer available to building owners. Tevetron is here to change that. Our optical network allows for multiple ISP connectivity which in turn is delivered to each individual tenant. This gives the building owner the opportunity to group tenants which prefer one service over the other and leverage this to get the best pricing for that service. The building owner has an opportunity to create a secondary revenue stream with this model.

Our Covalent Connect technology provides a platform for strong competition between Internet service providers. Our Covalent Connect Open Use design buffers the building owner from Internet service providers raising prices, delay upgrades and providing sub-par quality of service. With the ease of switching service it keeps Internet service providers honest.

Benefits of Purchasing Equipment

Purchasing Internet delivery equipment can be overwhelming. Most multitenant unit owners do not want to go through the hassle of installing equipment and maintaining it. The perception is that it’s easier just to let the Internet service provider provide all the equipment and services. Given that the building owner has the ability to create a service contract with the ISP provider for monthly fee the building owner is essentially purchasing equipment through the long-term service contract. Of course once the Internet service provider is in the building becomes very difficult to change or upgrade services. Essentially the building owners locked into a service provider that they may not want in the future.

With Tevetron’s approach we eliminate the installation complexity, provide support based on the customer’s needs while providing an Open Use design for the tenants. Over time purchasing our “Open Use” Covalent Connect network system is typically the most cost effective option no matter which ISP is use.

Tevetron’s Open Use Covalent Connect FTTP products use fiber connectivity to provide MTU expansion for tenant high bandwidth needs. Fiber-to-the-Premises (FTTP) is commonly referred to be the gold standard of MTU internet connections. With much of the backbone of the internet deployed using fiber optic cable, it is no surprise that fiber optics is the fastest form of broadband technology. The biggest benefit of fiber is that it can offer larger bandwidth and reduce deployment cost than traditional copper-based technologies like DSL and cable. In most cases fiber is the best bang for the buck to implement broadband and to provide Internet services

Our goal is to dramatically change the way ISP companies treat building owners by providing a multiple ISP connection technology for their tenants and create a secondary revenue stream for the building owner.

The advantage of Tevetron’s business Open Use Covalent Connect is that it requires no long-term contract obligations. Tevetron provides Open Use technology for any ISP provider which gives the building owner the flexibility to change ISP or provide for multiple ISP services on their terms. Tevetron Open Use Covalent Connect network delivers fiber optic backbone equipment installation, maintenance and replacement at a lower cost than the typical long-term ISP contract.

Another advantage Tevetron provides is our all end-user support service level agreement. Many competitors are happy to sell you a service, but won't ever deal with the end-users. Tevetron provides 100% of support. We provide a range of connectivity speeds. We also provide you with the capability of upgrading your end-users connectivity speed on an individual basis should they want the fastest possible Internet access, meaning you are free to choose a speed that best suits your market's needs.

The Covalent FTTP products are compatible with high quality data, voice, wireless, and CATV optical signal through FTTP. The Covalent Connect FTTP solution can deliver 1 to 100 Mbps service today and 1 Gbps service where desired which provides an exceptional increase performance. The Covalent Connect FTTP is designed to provide the right combination of high-bandwidth, low latency, and affordability.






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