Welcome to Tevetron

Welcome to the Future

Our Solutions

Using our patented Optical Covalent Connect delivery solutions for both LAN and WAN Network architecture, we able to to provide unparalleled Intranet and Internet services to enterprises of any size. Our products focus on superior deliverability by deploying our newest technologies which include both two layer and three multi-format devices and optical components instead of relying upon standard internet connectivity.

Our Team

We have a unique team comprised of experienced engineers and IT professionals who, together, are driven to make the internet a faster, more stable, and more efficient place for everyone.

We were driven to create Tevetron as a leader in the fiber industry in the Midwest, as this area has always been left behind in the internet industry. There are many factors that influence the stability of the internet and our goal is to mitigate and reduce those instabilities for you. Your time is important and we understand that.

What to Expect

  • We do not have the standard yearly service contracts that most companies require

  • We do not charge the typical 17% to 22% per year for licensed support

  • We deliver and install our products preconfigured for your environment from the start

  • Our goal is to provide you with the correct product and solution- not just sell you equipment

  • We will not pitch solutions or products that will not address your needs. Not now, not ever

  • We will not endorse products or services what we do not believe in

  • We provide continuous support for anything that you purchase from us

  • We will not sell newer versions or push upgrades if it is not appropriate for your current needs

  • We do not charge for audits