"Highly recommend! Brilliant team to work with!
Gary F
"I was so impressed that they didn't try to sell me more than what I needed. That's rare in today's market."
Todd J

Quality Delivery

I started working with the Tevetron team several years ago. I was skeptical to begin with, as internet providers are not known for being up front or cost efficient. 

This team is different! They really care about their clients. They sat down with me to understand my business and what I do. They asked questions and it was a truly interactive meeting. They took the time to assess my needs and measure my growth to look at my long term needs.

Their individualistic approach is unparalleled in today’s market. They don’t care as much about the bottom dollar as they do about providing exemplary service. I couldn’t be happier! 

Thank you Tevetron! 

Nicole M.

How Business Should Be

I started working with Tevetron only a couple years ago. They came highly recommended form a former coworker. I am glad I gave them a shot. 

I was impressed from the beginning when they called to set up a meeting. I didn’t know that this would be the start of what I hope is a long term relationship. 

They have what other companies lack- personalization and interest. They didn’t try to sell me things I didn’t need, and even helped me get rid of a few things that I didn’t need. They weren’t pushy about their sales and never have been. They are supportive and I feel that we now have a close working relationship. I would and have recommended them to other companies that I feel would benefit from what they have to offer. 

Frank C