Ray Hanneman





20700 Watertown Road, Ste 230
Waukesha, WI 53186 

A Bit About Me

I have over eighteen years of product development, manufacturing, laboratory management, and analytical laboratory experience. The products that I have developed have generated over five million dollars in sales and have saved companies thousands of dollars in process improvements. I have also created three patents related to the circuit board and lithographic industries.

I hold a definitive skill set specific to the fiber optics industry, which include the following: quality assurance control [management], ISO 9001 documentation, materials purchasing and qualification, the development of a polymer based optical switch technology for OOO switch fabric system, the direction / characterization of optical signal and performance, TDM (Time Division Multiplexing) compatibility, the formulation of polymer systems to meet optical specification, 100 acrylics, polymide, and polyflouride based polymers, lithographic manufacturing applications, vapor deposition / plasma etching, task planning, and material qualification specifications.

I am also well versed in the areas of strategic planning, manufacturing, legal documentation, testing, and patent creation.

I am innovative and creative; yet focused, and disciplined. I have the ability to create and streamline procedures in the fiber optics arena by optimizing a unique analysis system.

I am the engineer for Tevetron, LLC and am responsible for designing the “intrinsic logic” optical transport layer by consulting with a number of optical company engineers and by working closely with others in his field. I bring over twenty years of product development experience related to the polymer optical switch design and manufacturing as well as over ten years of extensive experience in circuit board manufacturing of the technology that is used by Tevetron, LLC.

Results Driven

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